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laser pointer Answered

I own a RadioShack laser pointer (green beam) Can I hack it to burn a ballon? if so, how can i do it? Thank you.


whgat you need to do is is get some sort of lens theat will ade about 20mw of power

Maybe. I saw a video about making a green laser pointer stronger. I think it was on Metacafe.

yes i have have heard about people doing that to there laser, heres a tip DONT DO IT it will work for about a hour of even current running to the diode then after that it is powerfull for about 3 seconds then it'll drop down to, if your lucky the same miliwat the laser did come with but most likely less than what it had that will happen every time you turn it on because your are disableing a component that is only letting a certain amount of power coming from the diode, and also it will only work with some green lasers. im making a big deal out of it because i dont want people breaking there lasers because my laser pointer is one of my favorite things i have. and i would be really mad if it broke.

How much did you buy it for?

If it was more than $50, you may have wasted your money. Check this out

how many milli-watts is it?