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laserable rubber where to find it. Is is safe msds wise? Answered



This is another industrial-process question isn't it?
An MSDS is a Material Safety Data Sheet, it related to the material not what happens when you burn it with a laser. You can refer to the MSDS for fire but you really need to understand what you're doing. Rubber is usually better cut with knives.


 I guess the question I was asking is sort of addressed in seandogue's comment below. Yes, i was wondering about noxious fumes and if something I see called 'laser rub' but can't find any specs on is better able to handle the high temps generated by the laser. 
But thanks to you all, I got a call back from Epilog who said the laser could pretty much cut any rubber, obviously with multiple passes the thicker it gets and apart from nasty smells it was not toxic. 
So I am going to run my test cutting 1/4" neoprene tomorrow. 
Thanks again. This is a great website.. time to go pro I think. 

Best wishes for it. Burned-rubber smells awful, but if you find a way to deal with it...


Presumably you want to cut the sheet with a laser? And you're wondering whether there are any health hazards? Safe? no. Most products that you cut with a laser produce various toxins when burned with the laser, and forced ventilation to the outside is essential to maintaining one's health.

As for specific materials, I'd suggest that you contact one of the manufacturers of laser prototyping machines and ask them what they recommend for use with their product. Pretend that you're going to buy their product and ask whether it can be used to cut sheet rubber. Then ask if they have sourcing on that material. Then ask for the mfg name.

Finally, Instructables owned a laser cutter. Perhaps PM one of the contacts (see the bottom of the webpage) and ask them if they've used rubber sheeting with their toy.

I imagine that you could point a laser at any kind of rubber. What do you want it to do when you laser it?