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lasers burning with out axis mod? Answered

that is the one thing i havent seen on instructables if anyone knows share the knolage and let me know


The "axis mod" you refer to is actually an Aixiz module, so named after the manufacturer. It is simply a brass tube that allows a laser diode to be pressed in to one side, with a focusing lens at the other, and can be then fitted to other devices like a flashlight. If you have access to a CNC machine, you could mill your own holder for the diode. However, this holder is vital as it provides some measure of heatsinking to prevent the diode from burning up.

What are you talking about ? What is an "axis mod" ?

no i haven thats why i was wondering if anyone else had sorry

Have you seen "lasers burning with out axis mod" somewhere else on the web?  If you could supply a link pointing unto the place where you have seen "lasers burning with out axis mod", this would be helpful and much appreciated. 

You know, by posting such a link,  you could  "share the knolage"