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latch for a diary? Answered

I have a comp notebook as a diary and a key lock, but how can I make a latch to put the lock on the diary? thank you! I will try to look at your answers ASAP! TN777


Write in CODE.

Code won't work. I can't remember anything for anything!


5 years ago

Just get some old nylon strapping, and old seat belt or a dog leash, whatever, and lay 2 pieces across each other and stitch them together securely. Add a 'D' ring or metal 'O' ring to each end.
Make them of a length that will wrap around the notebook to where the ends just meet and secure them all together with a small padlock.
See the attached picture.

note book latch.png

Diaries that come with a lock are a joke to start with. They all use the same key and most of the small quarter sized pad locks are the same. They offer absolutely no security and don't even act as a determent.

A composition notebook is going to be difficult to secure with only a latch and a lock. Its made of paper! No matter how strong the lock or latch, anyone who wants to open it will get in, simply by ripping it open... So if you really want to secure it, get a metal document case. Some come with latches for a lock, but you can easily buy a latch to fit the case and then use the lock.

It looks something like this: (you see doctors carrying these sorts of things). :-)