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laundry soap dispenser Answered

i have racked my brain trying to create a laundry soap dispenser from my large tide bottle that lays on its side, it has a spout. my thinking was if i hook up a clear tube to the spout push the button and get the correct measurement for a small or large load. but the problems i keep running into is that there is a leek from zip ties or the soap drips also i cant get the soap to go into the hole where its sposed to go rather then all over everything else....


To stop the flow, I would suggest using a small check valve in reverse. Might need a small pump to over come the valve, but then you could simply wire that to a remote, with a small timer on an aurduino and have it all automatic. Taking a step further, could even wire in a current sensor to detect when the washer starts to draw power then dispense the detergent. I like the idea, think I know what I will be investigating this weekend. :)

What about this idea.....I have drawn a quick and crude Paint drawing of what I mean:

With the soap bottle above the washer, add to the spout (which I assume controls the flow of soap out), a hose and at the end of the short hose, a cup / cap.   Puncture the bottom, put another longer hose in it, with another control spout or something to pince off the flow so the cup fills without emptying.   NOW, once the cup is filled as you wish; you can shut off the upper flow, and open the lower one and dispense exactly the amount you measured into the cup.


One possible solution would be to use an olive-oil dispenser or fit a liquor-bottle shot-dispenser to a bottle. I am not sure how much detergent you need per load. This would require you to transfer some of the detergent to another bottle once a ???? depending on if you got the pint or quart bottle, and they will leak if tipped on their side. It did greatly reduce the mess a budding chef was making in my kitchen with cooking oil, so it might help with the liquid detergent.


My sister does the same thing with her tide bottle, but she has it positioned directly over the washer (i think your lid is in the way) and just mashes the button for a few secs. I dont know if she times it or if she has no clue how much she pours out.

Drop the cup into your load; it comes out clean, no mess.


and i'm tired of using the cups that cam with them.... it makes a mess.... also i forgot to add that i keep my soap above the washer