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does any body know wherer i can get laws on north ridgeville.oh



10 years ago

Your Town Hall? Other than going somewhere, most laws are statewide, so if there's something you're looking for, googling it along with "Ohio" can yield pretty good results.

Ohio gun law goes in effect
William Lehn and Chuck Rogers
Issue date: 4/8/04 Section: pageone

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Beginning this week, that bulge in someone's coat pocket might be something more deadly than a cell phone or a Palm Pilot.

The Ohio Concealed Carry Law (S.B. 12) went into effect today. Residents 21 and older who are not fugitives from justice will be permitted to carry a loaded firearm on their person with certain restrictions.

"We have the most restrictive concealed carry law in the nation and of that I'm very proud," State Sen. Robert Hagen said, citing the stringency of training requirements and restrictions on carrying weapons into public places.

One of the public places where weapons are not permitted is on college campuses. The law prohibits guns on "any premises owned or leased by any public or private college, university, or other institution of higher education."

According to YSU police officials, the University Chief's Association lobbied for this provision.

YSU police Chief John Gocala said the training program necessary for a permit to be issued informs applicants of their rights and responsibilities.

"If they have a license, they know not to bring a firearm anywhere near campus," Gocala said.

The last case involving a person carrying a weapon on campus occurred more than four years ago, Gocala said. He saw no imminent reason for posting signs that prohibit firearms on campus.

Opinions vary among YSU faculty about the advisability of the Ohio concealed carry law.

C. Allen Pierce, a professor of criminal justice, said he thinks the passage of the law is "stupid."

"We don't need any more friggin' guns out there," he said. "They're made to kill people; that's their only value"

Pierce said that when people carry guns, they become overly confident and think they could handle any situation. Then they get into a situation they can not handle and shoot someone. He said if they were not carrying a gun, they might use discretion.

Pierce's colleague, Criminal Justice Chair Tammy King differs in her opinion. She said that if the individuals that carry are trained, drug-free and crime-free, there should not be significant problems with the law.

does this mean yes or no

Reply 10 years ago

You would be happy theres so little gun laws where i live you can ALMOST pull out a gun in puplic.