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learn vbscripting Answered

i want to learn vbscripting can somebody give me a site i know some very basic stuff


Do you know to massage popups with icons?

with a shortcut i can and with out.... no

if ur talkin bout VB.net im clueless if ur tlkin bout .vbs file there some hope wich 1?

a vbs file the code i use is msgbox ("hello world") in note pad and then i save as and save it as hello world.vbs

i will give you hi class info...
OK button - 0
OK and Cancel buttons - 1
About, Retry, Ignore buttons - 2
Yes, No, Cancel buttons - 3
Yes, No buttons - 4
Retry, Cancel - 5

Icon for Critical Massage (X) - 16
Icon for Warning Query (?) - 32
Icon for Warning Massage (!) - 48
Icon for Information Massage (i) - 64

if i wanted a warning mesage with "OK" button i would add 48 + 0 which
is 48 so my code would look like..
msgbox("hello world",48,"TITLE")
a Query with "Yes and No" would be 32 + 4 = 36
the code
msgbox("hello world",36,"Title")
(fill in the "title with watever you want.)
i hope this helps
copy and paste the numbers and save in a text file for futere needs