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led display using 555 timer? Answered

can anyone help me with a design , i would like to make a 5 letter display using leds that spells my daughters name "TRULY" lighting up each letters one at a time then having them all light up at once then repeat? i am new  and this will be one of my first rojects not out of a kit. any suggestions?


555 timer running lowly - 4017 decade counter to give you individual outputs for every 555 pulse LED in a box with the letter on the front to light up connected to the 4017 output

Data sheets should tell tyou everything you need to know 4017 is a very common IC.

thanks i just ordered some, i appreciate any info you can give me i will check the data sheets when they arrive, thanks

The easy, but more expensive, way is to use a microcontroller, like an Arduino. Then you can simply program the pattern in.