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led matrix? Answered

i want to build an led matrix for under 50 bucks that dose not use Arduino. is there any way to do it?


Define led matrix.

You could build an led matrix 2x2 for under a dollar.

Using prebuilt 5x8 or 8x8 matrix blocks is a really quick easy way to do the physical build -- then its just a matter of driving 16 pins per module. Maxim makes some really spiffy led driver chips that do all the work for you, saving a bunch in hardware costs (although the chips themselves cost more)...they use a shift register design, so you could use a very cheap low end micro processor to address a very large matrix.

Bigger = more expensive.

Any reason not to use arduino? I particularly like the Teensy design -- in this case the teensy 2.0+ would be great; cheap, and lots of io. It's an AtMega chip that you can program yourself or use arduino environment.

i was thinking like the 24x6 type
and the reason i dont use arduino is because i dont have one

In that case, Teensy 3.0 and http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/review-maxim-max7219-led-display-driver-ic/
max7219 drivers


5 years ago

Try this labor intensive wiring circuit that lights two LEDs at the same time
and goes through all the LEDs all you need to do is arrange them in a
3x3x2 matrix of your choice and  NO Arduino always the same pattern.

What say you ?

18x2 LEDs.PNG18Lighthouse.PNG

Depending on the size of the matrix, using an arduino to drive it can be cheaper then most drivers.