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led ohm resistor using a higher resistor to dim please help...Thank you Answered

Hello all'
This is the greatest web sight ever...l Love it!!
I hope someone may be able to help me out??
I'm very new to working with leds.....
I am working on a small project with my son, It has 4 white leds in it and two blinking
red leds.  they call for 470 ohm resistors for each led.....But it's way to bright for project??
I tried 1000 ohm and 2200 ohm resistors.  The 2200's gave us the look we were looking for:)
My question is.....Will this harm the leds or will to be fine??  Buy the way I'm using a 12 volt ac adapter to run these leds.

Thanks so very much in advance!!!
God Bless



7 years ago

is the ac current making the red leds blink? or it has another circuitry

You'll be good to go. There is NO harm, nada, zlich problem with under running them



The blinking ones might malfunction while on lower voltage since the logic might rely on a given minimum. (i,e, not blink) but they won't be damaged.

Fun fact: under-driving leds makes them last longer :D