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led switch Answered

my dad is redoing his basement and he wants to have a panel of switches with leds above them.  so that when the switch is on the led above it is on to.  does anyone know how to do this?


I'm new at this but it seems you would need a capacitor to regulate the voltage since I believe LEDs are supposed to run on DC not AC current, also the resistor to run a single LED from 120v is 5.6 Kilo-ohm. If you look at the image bellow you will see what colors the resistor will need to be: Green, blue, red, with silver tolerance band: 56 x 100 = 5.6 kohms, with a tolerance of 10%. Hope someone can expand on this and maybe make it clearer.


You wouldn't need a capacitor, but neon is more traditional.


He could do it with LEDs, using a small relay on each switch connected to a low-voltage (e.g., battery) supply.  Using a heavy-duty resistor to drop 120V mains power down to 3V is an electrical fire just waiting to happen.

You can also buy wall switches already built with an indicator light.  I found them at my local hardware store, or you can find them online.