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lg plasma remote ir board dead Answered

2006 lg plasma pc503d remote still sending but board dead
tv still works manually but rf board non functional  
need board number to replace?


is it rf or ir?

can you see the beam with a camcorder looking into the transmitting remote?

hi frollard
thx for response
remote beam fine on cell phone camera
@ remote works fine @ local store on lg tv
had power surge @ electrical panel
w uneven house voltages
180/80 volts
w loss function electronics and plasma
remote board probably got hit
called local shop
$500 estimate and must deliver to local shop=
tv works but only manually
can the tv back be disassembled whilst standing to view boards
or does it need to be laid down as in youtube videos?
any help appreciated

If you got hit with a power surge something in the tv is likely broken but you won't see what it is. Taking the tv apart will void the warranty -- how old is the tv? Will the store do warranty repair/exchange?