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line follower robot? Answered

cn i program my robot to send it to specific location...if yes plss give the code???



3 years ago

How are we supposed to know? What programming language? BASIC? ASSEMBLER? C++? C? java? Python? What sensors and tools do you have available? If the bot you are building is with those lego NXT things, I can't help you much there; I am not that experienced with it. I do remember taking the robotics merit badge in the scouts though, and we played with those.

1) Make a list of the requirements (i.e: follow a line, etc)

2) Then make a list of the constraints (i.e: No GPS :( limited sensor data, stupid microcontrollers)

3) And make a list of goals (i.e.reach a finish line?)

Then figure out some clever way to use the sensor data to scan the line and follow it. What sensor will you use? how should the robot use said sensor to figure out where the line is?

The simplest way to do that is to use an optical sensor that causes the robot to go forward and turn LEFT or RIGHT w/ small amount of forward movement, until the data coming from the sensor changes state, like from light reflected to no light reflected; where the robot then turns the other direction, again going forward slightly, but since not the sensor data is no-line, the bot goes back to it's original state described above ^^ and the process keeps repeating, or looping.

Although this is the simplest solution, and probably the most common, it is not the best. Imagine what happens if the bot, looking for the line turns too far left, and overshoots the line, it will continue detecting no blackness, and continue turning, around in circles. Likewise the bot will always have a 'prefered' line to follow when you reach a fork in the road. I challenge you to imagine that code in your head and think about it a little. Thats what programmers are supposed to do: lots of thinking about how it will all play out, and that will help you find and fix 'bugs' in the code.

thank u...i m using arduino and the software is roboduino......actually i m a diploma student and want to make my third yaer project based on delivering medicines....using line follower robot....any help from you will be thankful

It's a line follow. It will go where the line goes.