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line of knex star wars vehicles should i post? Answered

so far only a y-wing and a halfway built clone jauggernaut but i will have more im already designing an att and mtt.


Hey guys, the real slifenoa286 here, finally got my account back, I see while it was hacked someone posted a y-wing. Thats cool, but it isn't mine, so don't think it is. Anyways, just sending a quick re-greeting to all you people out there!

alright but how do i upload pics from camera and do you have any ideas on how to get really good pics with a small camera?

Please P0$T!!!!!!!!!!!!

They will rock!


Yeah! They sound cool... You should post.

Try getting some pictures to show people, make sure they are good pictures too.

Of course you should.  If you're already going to make them anyway you might as well take the photos and post them

Try to take good photos.  Well lit.  In focus.  Nice background.  Us a tripod if at all possible.  Get interesting angles.

Good luck.