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liquid plastic supplies Answered

I need help finding some cheap liquid plastic. It doesn't matter if I can get it online or at a store i just need to find some that isn't insanely expensive. so any help will be appreciated


Could you say what the liquid plastic will be used for? There is liquid plastic to dip or brush on to use as electrical insulation, there is liquid plastic to decoupage or clearcoat something, and then there is casting resin...etc... Maybe there are alternatives depending on what you have in mind.

It will be used for making a Master Chief helmet as well as the rest of the suit he wears. It will have to be strong enough to be able to sit on.

I think most of that stuff is made from plastic sheet, vacuum-formed. Cured liquid plastic tends not to be very strong without being filled with glass or carbon fibers, and it's HEAVY.

Look at some of the plastic recycling ibles like this one. Maybe you could impregnate it with some fibers(chopped up plastic nylon/polypropolene rope or cloth fiber) that don't melt with the naptha to give it more strength. Good luck.

Wouldn't he be better off with glass-fibre and resin, if he needs the strength?

True, I think he may be looking for a low-cost alternative but I don't know what the General's threshold for being insanely expensive is.

The kits for patching car bodywork shouldn't be too expensive?

I admit, I don't know what a "Master Chief" actually is, but maybe the strength could be gained from a thrift-store helmet? Skiing and kiting helmets have few protruding pieces to block creative additions, and if it's just for costume/low-impact use, a few "prior owner" knocks won't matter.

Ha, the "i" on your keyboard must be stuck just like Goodhart. I think a lot of people will try to one up the Best Halo Costume with the Master Chief that was featured.

Oh, have you tried styrofoam forms covered with drywall compound and fiberglass drywall tape?. It is kind of like stucco'ing a wall. Since you will be making armor plates and stuff, the weight shouldn't be too bad. You can paint and clearcoat to look like plastic. Get helmet ideas from here