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other than knitting and sewing what would be crafts? I do woodworking ,metalworking as craft ,i do not think that those would quantify for this. Any ideas ? to expand this ie. leatherwork? wood carving? I am the guy that build stuff not the guy that thought it up.



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Yes, it's a craft and an art.

I feel a decent craft is an art form. At one time, one's craft was what one did after an apprenticeship, then working through Journeyman, and finally one was a skilled artisan.

You could use clay too.

Yes, clay can be an excellent medium for crafting.

Sorry, let me clarify myself. There is nothing wrong with simpler crafts (like hot glues). Crafts like that are excellent ways to learn or for younger kids to learn to love the medium. I only meant the more complicated and involved, with the less artificial (if that is the right word) help then the more crafty. I use hot glue all the time for some things, on the other hand I rarely use my sewing machine, I sew by hand. Anything one does that makes one feel good about creating works. Crafting has no rules.

I like the way you put that too. Too many "craft fairs" are filled with people that have "cut the same wooden form out of boards, a thousand times" or used a decal to decorate something, or some other nearly pre-made piece. And although that is great to "learn with" it is sad too that this is the stuff that sells, because little work is invested in it, so the prices can be cheaper. I do pyrography, and I will never again try to sell them at a "craft" fair. Real craft is also an art form in my book.

Yes this is for the new contest ,I am just wondering how big of a scope the word" craft "would cover. The sewing machine had a cool motor that went to a micro drill press years ago and seance then no one will let me near one.Just wait till they turn their back on the plasma cutter .

YeeHaw..I'll distract them for you, if you'll invite me... I have a couple of unused sewing machines... I need a potters wheel - wanna play? (I have torches...wink, wink...)

Apparently you are...i bit rude too... Tried to be nice, so sorry if I offended you, your highness... (nice noble pole you have there...does it hurt?) I'm aware my comment doesn't follow the 'be nice' policy - however, calling people names I highly doubt is either...

in no way referring to you ,and i am sorry if my post looks that way.potters wheels are not hard to make the same setup can also be used for a mud saw ,washing machine motors have enough power for both i dont think a sewing machine motor would have enough power to turn a nice wheel

My mistake bob...apologies! (Thanks for the message, btw...) Be well - Good Luck in the contest! Jj

I would think anything you make with your hands would be classified as crafts. If it were up to me I would include woodworking, metal working, leatherwork, papier mache and jewelry making in that, as you are making something original - not massed produced by big machines. What do the judges rule on this?

oh, phew! i thought it was only sewing and stuff.

Ding ding! We have a winner. ;) Of course, in this particular contest the prizes may self-select which subset of crafts people choose to enter, but we do mean Craft in the most general sense, just as you've described.

I think you've hit it right on the dot there with your definition.

I heard somebody define "craft" as "useful art".

If that's how they define it here, then woodworking, metalworking and leather work would definitely qualify.

Oh! I didn't know there was a contest - that definition is not an "official Instructables definition", just one I heard. It's probably a usable definition, though.

so anything that can be defined simply as art, was not crafted? I am teasing there a bit......as we could expand the definition to include any skill in creating anything....which would be a useless definition.

How about...

"Craft is art we can all afford"?


"Craft is art that critics can't make a living from"?

Perhaps it has to be made using nothing but hand-held tools. Power tools are fine, as long as they're no larger than a Dremel or hand drill. Or maybe we're all just over-analyzing this thing.

My mistake! Obviously, things made with a sewing machine are crafts. Therefore, the tool base must be expanded to include tools as large as a sewing machine. And yeah, wood burning (pyrography) would be an art/craft, as long as you don't just plug it into a laser CNC machine and let it do the work. But a hand-held laser? Sure! There's a project idea for you all! LOL. But really, I have no idea. Merriam-Webster defines it thusly: an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill

and then there is witchcraft LOL j/k

We were listing -crafts, right :-) and jeff-o used the dictionary definition...so I added one to the list :-) jokingly

Hand held tools only, huh? Is a sewing machine a hand held tool, or do all of my crafts involving sewing have to be hand sewn? Being silly there. I am going to assume that anything made on a sewing machine is considered a craft.

hmmm, no tool bigger then a jackhammer LOL Ooops, my carvings in concrete are out then LOL

what a relief ,was just told other day sawsawing a chunk out of my computer was a useless waste of time ,I was having fun. and most of it still works

Sweet! I make jewelry-I'll have to enter some ibles.

Get ready for a lot of new members - Kitewife got Lion's newsletter in yesterday's email, and it included a link to the contest page.

You all sound like a bunch of nuts (good way). I think crafts are anything that one does with one's hands, with or without tools. I think even cooking could qualify. The catch with any 'craft' is how mcuh work you actually do and how original you are with it, ie hot-glueing flowers on a form to make a wreath is hardly a craft but wiring or sewing them is. Sewing a straight hem with a machine is not a craft but intricate machine embroidery could be, expecially if original pattern. I like to look at pattern books but I rarely use them, only for inspiration.

craft like in craftsmanship is adding art to a form ie anyone could sledgehammer a flat plat of copper into a crude bowl ,but a craftsman would make it beautiful

swiping photos
wiki says that Freemasons are a craft now im confused.
I have 2 instructables to post ,2 to build and an idea for a Halloween contest entry i have to get on .
I would like to see the site crew give a new definition to this contest,and make it able to post to it , I do understand as I am having major tech problems here i little tip in windows do not delete all the fonts or make all drives slave

Would origami be a craft?

I don't wanna sound mean.. but let me repeat the question...
Would origami be a craft?

Well, I've got my entry.


9 years ago

I assume that since this contest is being put on by Singer and Lion brand they would most likely want the craft skills submitted to be crafts that you could make with their products....