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lolyoutubenoobs Answered

Most of us have had this happen. Someone takes a gun of yours they like, modify it a bit, then call it their own without any credit. I'm not too bothered. Flattered actually that people want to claim my guns. Sometimes they just forget to credit people but either way it annoys me.
This guy has been bugging me forever on youtube. I know it's a toy but really I'm tired of all the children who must make webcam videos like this. I was really wondering when he'd finally build something of mine. The funny part is he downgraded my oodassault pistol. OK so the safety isn't that big of a deal but what happened to the mag tilting? He has disgraced my Oodassault series >_>


omg hes wearing a wife beater. this made my day.

I'm pretty sure you can flag for copyright violation or something similar, can you not?

Only if they use his video, music or script.

But what if the product the video is showing is the same or similar as his?

If the gun was identical, and if TheDunkis could show that it was not designed independently, then the only gripe avilable is a failure to credit, because the oodassault was published BY-NC-SA.

If the gun is at all different, even if the order of construction is different, then TD has nothing to hang a legal complaint on. He could try a moral argument, but they rarely stick.

i hate the little kids who have web cams and make Nerf or knex videos about guns or mods that are basically copied or or just crap.


7 years ago

haha, happend to me with my noobish pistol! i hate people who give no credit! also the link doesnt work...