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post anything wether it is your love of punk rock and anime or your crazy phobia of suffocating in Peanutbutter.


does anybody kmow how far to the right does the replys go?

It's times like this, I wish everything had a like button.

since that is not here, +1.

Some how i willlllllllllllll RRRRRRRRRRRRR cOOOOOLLLLIEJSJFEI!!!!!!!


A long long tim ago, there was a prinsess called, Tjapalotohi Pinotahihoo.
She lived in a beatifull shag, made outoff plywood and gingerbreadflakes she learned to bake from a webpage called Instructables.com.
One morning she went outside. It was a warm day in summer so she wasnt wearing anything but an red apron and a plate filled with cupcakes. She loved birds, and the cupcakes she made were covered with sesame seeds. On a small dry patch on the floor she set up shop for all the small critters and birds that lived in the forrest surrounding her house.
A smal bird came flying down, and started watching the cakes.
"Hi there you weird freak, why are you selling cupcakes to animals wearing nothing but an apron?!"" the bird said, looking quiet interested and diapproving at the same time.
"Cu'z me is in needs off tha monay!!!" the prinsess replyed while tapping her head with a stick...
.... ok, sorry guys.... my randomness generator just exploded. I guess im in a big need off some coffee right now...

pick it up we are going to go all the way over shooooooooooove.............................

Intersesting... as in... iiiiiinteresting???

Absolutly... not interesting at all....

me is not mean, ME IS DANCING!!!
Wait... your shrinking? WAAAAH!!!! ME TOOOOO!!!!!!