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long-term, vacation dog-sitting: her place or mine? Answered

when puppy-sitting for a family member's dog, does it matter whether I go to her home or she comes to mine? the one year-old dog knows me well (we are good friends), and has been to my house a few times -- but it is two states away from hers, and she has only previously visited with her owner? her owner will be gone for one week



9 years ago

I would suggest taking alternate days, that way the dog will be accustomed to both places, in case you need to watch it again.

Given the option, I'd go stay with the dog. You could make a holiday of it yourself.

. It depends on the dog. If it was comfortable with you at your house before, it should be OK now. There will probably be some separation anxiety, but that will happen at either place. . Unless the dog has had problems before, I'd do what was most convenient for me. . . May be difficult to arrange, due to the distance, but have a trial run. Have the family member drop the dog off at your house early in the morning and go shopping for the day.