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longboard led project? Answered

i have a very basic knowledge of LED's and such, i know how to wire them, but i still get a bit confused as to what power supply and stuff to use. Anyways, i'm wanting to do a project similar to this instructable "https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-skateboard-longboard-riser-lights-angled-riser/?ALLSTEPS" except that i want to have about maybe 10-12 led's on the bottom of the longboard pointing down (flush against the bottom) kinda like cars with the neon lights underneath...so my question is, what do you guys suggest i use as a power supply and where should i put it on the longboard so that it doesn't get destroyed while riding?, can i just parallel all of the led's or is this unwise? also, do i use 1 resister for the whole thing? or in between every parallel? like i said, obviously i'm not very knowledgeable about led's yet...i'm getting there though lol.


I just made a board with LEDs. I drilled holes on the edges at an angle, so that the hole comes out at the top. then I routed the top of the board from each hole to the next. I connected the wires and ran them to a hole going to the underside of the board were i plan on connecting the batter. I will post pics, but i only have pics of the finished product.

 Here is my project so far. Still working on it ;)


You can use button-type batteries. Thought they might not last long if you're using ultra-bright LEDs. Mounted to the bottom, these might survive unless you're grinding. It would be best to make a small cavity in the board for the battery, else it may just get scraped off. I might be worried more about weakening the board itself. Cutting a cavity for the batteries (even button cell batteries) will weaken the board quite a bit, which relies on sandwiched wood for strength. I think if you put two small cavities at either end for two batteries, it would work. Don't put the cavity in the center or near the trucks, further out toward the end will probably be better. The small cavities for the LEDs and wires will be less of a problem. Use 30-gauge wire-wrap wire and surface-mount LEDs. Cut small channels and divots for the wire and LEDs, place LEDs, then fill in with clear epoxy.

..ya...i was thinking about the battery thing...i think if i put it right in front of the front truck, it'll be fine, because the front never touches the ground or anything (unless i totally crash...and as for the led's, i was thinking about just drilling holes along the edges of the board, then putting the led's flush against the bottom *so they don't stick out* and then filling in whatever room if left.....ya..idk, i'm gonna put this project on hold for a while...until i feel more confident with different things. thank you a ton for the suggestion though :)

Good luck, don't forget to post pics!

A 9v battery is advisable as the power supply, but depending on what leds you're using depends on what resistor/s you need.
https://www.instructables.com/id/Breadboard_Basics_for_Absolute_Begginers/ This is a great instructable, so if I were you I'd check it out.

Making a purpose build 9v battery holder could be a slight problem, but I don't imagine it to be if you make like a little box which is screwed underneath, then the clip on the inside of that, so you can snap the 9v battery into it. You probably wanna think of a lid for that, so it doesn't fall out. I guess it's up to you, but I hope this helped.