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look at this bee necklace WHO CAN MAKE IT Answered

As the title said, it's from MCQ, my brother want to make one to send to his g friend. How can he make it? (metal is difficult to control, oher materials may be better I think)


How much does each bee cost ? What is the total $ of the finished necklace ? Thanks.

Sorry, I don't know, it depends on the materials you use.

Buy a torq style necklace, a load of bee-shaped beads, and set-to with a hot glue gun or some epoxy - Ebay is your friend...

A good epoxy would probably be the longest lasting hold, if used properly.

True, but many people are simply happier with a glue gun.

Just thought of something....they have epoxy syringes, it wouldn't be too hard (I suppose) to adapt something and make it "glue gun like".

Thank you. If I only had time to do half the ideas that pop (plop ?) into my head ;-)

Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with the hot glue itself :-D

How about polymer clay? I think it would be much better.