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looking for 1.5v LEDs Answered

Anybody know where I can buy some LEDs that will work with a single 1.5v coin cell battery?  Thanks.

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Picture of the Duracell 1 led torch which uses 1 x AAA battery is here (it didn't seem to upload first time!

Duracell 1 led torch 1.png

There is a Duracell cheap torch which uses only a single cell to drive a white led. It's shown here in this multipack as the 1 led torch:


I bought a few in the UK on their own from Home Bargains for about £1 each. I wish I'd got more. I assumed that as they were a single battery, they would have a voltage increasing circuit but when I took one apart it seems they are genuine white low voltage leds. The only extra component is a current limiting resistor, which it's nice to see. They are bright enough to use as an emergency light and you can read a book by them if you want to.

I suspect the reason they were cheap is because they were part of a faulty production run. In the pictures it looks like they were supposed to take an AA battery, but an AA battery won't fit into the ones I bought. However, they do take a triple AAA although it is very loose and clearly not designed for that.

I intend to use them to make some bike helmet lights, not to see with but just to be seen by. I like the idea of just having one AA battery with one of these at the front through a diffuser and one at the back through a red diffuser. If it works, I'll eventually publish it here. I'm not sure what current they take nor how long they run for as I have them lying about the house for when I need a quick light but they seem to last a long time.

Good luck in finding them!


4 years ago

If you don't want to use a specialty LED, you could try using some capacitors that charge in parallel and discharge in series.

Yes! Go to walmart and get their 1 lumen solar light for 97 cents and steal the led out of it. You also get a single 2/3 aa battery and solar cell with transistor circuit that turns lght on at dusk. And your welcome

Red ones work in this voltage range. Yellow and green ones need about 2.2V they work with coin cells that produce about 3V (like the CR2032). White and blue LEDs need even higher voltages. This voltages depend on the internal physic of the semiconductors (the band gap) and can not be changed. If you want to power a non-red LED with only 1.5V, you need a voltage converter. Google for 'joule thief'

Most ordinary LEDs will do that.


Nope, most ordinary LEDs need a 3 volt battery. The ones that will work with only 1.5 volts are remarkably hard to find. I've never actually held one in my little hands, only heard tales of their existence. Closest that seems fairly common is 1.7v red, which won't work.

Odd. Whenever I salvage an LED, I test it with a 1.5V cell, and they work.


4 years ago

i went to mouser.com and searched "led 1.5v" narrowing it down to "led indication" i found on the first page:
Mouser Part No: 606-4318F7
Standard LEDs - Through Hole YEL 1.5V 20MA

Granted I didnt go further so that might be the only one available, but you can click "find similiar" and maybe yellow is not the only option.

Oddly, the specs on the yellow say 2.2v despite the title. However, they do seem to have a 5mm red with 1.5v listed. Thanks.