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looking for ideas on fabric composite thermal barriers ie artic sheltering? Answered

looking for moderately light weight, flexible,  and not too expensive
Want to build a modular out building that I can take apart and transport, but be nice and toasty in the winter when using it. Thinking of a yurt type structure, but want to optimize the wall and roof covering


I know a guy that built a yurt out of upcycled material he used old concrete blankets and old billboard material. So far it has held up to 2 colorado winters.

Why not make something out of heated fabric. Just an idea. LOL


Warm is mostly about keeping the available heat in.

A ripstop nylon tent is effectively heated in Arctic conditions by a simple Coleman stove.

Keeping the wind out is the trick.

If you want thermal insulation than take a cue from ducks who trap air in their feathers to provide very effective thermal insulation, so effective we kill the ducks to steal their feathers to keep us warm.

Bubble wrap.

 tyvek is a wind and water barrier used to wrap houses. but i dont think it dose much in the way for keeping you warm