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loosewire made the first turret!!!! Answered

here is a link of loosewire knex gun it used a turret system and was published on the 11-09-08


Don't forget this: https://www.instructables.com/id/8-Shot-K-nex-gun/ . I'm pretty sure I made a 4-shot turret earlier in 2008. I made it to introduce powerful turreted guns and to introduce the white rods that stick out the back of the turret. I also saw a youtube video of some people with a turreted gun once (possibly used the same rotation mech that the TR uses), and I think it was older than my idea.

Yes ooda, I remember asking you for help and you referred me to a picture of your modded turreted rectangle and that was where I got the use of bullet locks and a white rod for a pin in each cylinder, so no I am not the first to use a turret on a K'nex gun.

I thought they where back in 2007.


7 years ago

congradulations!!! haha