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losing nerf darts Answered

any one have any suggestions on how not to lose darts? cuz i just hate that!


Gps tracking device. Perhaps an old phone.

Or tie darts to a lanyard on your wrist.

Make them glow in the dark so at night you can find them


8 years ago

they must of changed it. my recon deosent have that. i even put my hand over the plug and fired and didnt get injured.

thats a rlly cool drawing


10 years ago

just use a color you will instantly recognize as your darts not to grab anyone else's darts. try bright pink or green.


10 years ago

I usually just left mine in the enemy's body when I was five. You could grow a pair and play paintball. Sorry. That wasn't very constructive of me. I say it should be the duty of everyone to hang on to every dart they are hit with to eventually return to their killer. That should cut down on losses

u could paint them with florescent paint and then put a ring of the glow in the dark amo on the back for night fights.

I suggesest making a backshot - that's a piece of cloth draped behind your target. Or do it in a room with no spots to lose it.

Floresent paint is a decent idea. but... hmm. How do you lose it in the woods? the bullets are already painted bright orange. Are they hiding behind trees and under leaves?

if you knew anything about the nerf online community, we use stefans (homemade nerf darts), and they are made of GREY foam backer rods.

What is the gun in the first picture? I have never seen that before....

linkyoh that? thats coming out in spring 2008 its on the nerfhaven homepage

Yeah, I posted that comment before I saw your other topic. I am already making plans to mod it, different stock, like a full wood or bondo one, maybe a pump instead of a slide, extended magazine, maybe a drum magazine.......

Make your own and you wont care if you lose them.

yes i will cuz my fbr is limited actually ineed to run to the hardware store to buy some more