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lost wax casting: what material is the best for pouring metal into? Answered

So I made a rad Yoda wax figurine recently and I'm looking into converting him into a aluminum via the lost wax casting method. I've seen some other instructables on casting the metal into plaster of paris, but that doesn't seem to preserve the very fine details that I want. There are a few other methods I've seen on other forums, like mixing fine sand with plaster and making a ceramic mold...I have even wackier ideas like using fireproof cement, but I haven't seen anything online to support using it...what other ideas can you think of that don't involve expensive investment powders I have to buy online? 


iirc, pro-s apply vaccum to a mold before casting. thus, there are no air pockets.

Wet sand ,I have used it works the finer the sand the better the cast or use clay a pottery,clay and break it off either way lost wax casting is a one time thing

WET sand? or oil soaked sand? ive used oil. water might cause big problems as it flashes to steam.

i'm amazed at the detail possible with modern injection molding(plastics)

of course, that is done at 10,000psi or more.

I once sandcast an aluminum frying pan in high school. a void was discovered in the bottom. imagine! a hole right thru the pan! but, of course, sand cant take 10,000 psi. but it is very easy to make the mold.

The only thing I've heard of is "Fire Brick".

Can't you make a rough cast, And then file it down?