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mF into uF Answered

I would like to know how much mF makes one uF or uF makes one mF? Please help!!!



10 years ago

Wait, is 1 MF same as 1 mF?

Values of capacitors are usually specified in ranges of farads (F), millifarads (mF), microfarads (μF), nanofarads (nF) or picofarads (pF)

It's ratios of 1000: MegaUnit 1,000,000 Mg, ML, Mm MF KiloUnit 1,000 Kg, KL, Km, KF Unit 1 g, L, m, F MilliUnit 0.001 mg, mL, mm, mF MicroUnit 0.000,001 µg, µL, µm, µF NanoUnit 0.000,000,001 ng, nL, nm, nf Alt and 230 (on the number pad) will get you the µ symbol.

And Pico comes in....where ? I have hundreds of pF caps.

After nano - 0.000,000,000,001 I usually use ng and pg at work (I'm a biochemist).

Normal capacitor use ranges from uF down to PF

Which is why capacitive biosensor is a buzzword in some circles - if you can stick a constant number of electrons on whatever it is you're measuring when it binds to your sensor and can measure pF of change in capacitance you're looking at femtomolar detection (another 1/1000 down from pico), depending on your voltage.


10 years ago

The "useful" units of capacitance used to be Micro-farads and pico-farads (10-6 and 10-12 Farads, respectively.) In theory, one uses the official metric prefixes of greek-mu (or lower-case u) and p. But back before the US even thought metric MIGHT be useful, and when typewriters didn't have greek letters, it was pretty common to abbreviate "micro" as "m" (and also mmf for picofarads(micro-micro-farads)), especially for capacitors, since clearly a capacitor measured in milli-farads was ridiculous. So if you have a schematic that labels capacitors in "mF", you have to apply some judgment on whether those caps are milliFarads or microFarads. "MF" is almost surely microfarads, since MegaFarads are still impractical! Caps in the milli-farad range probably only show up in power supplies and the output stages of audio amplifiers, and "energy storage" caps.
Alas, we have the same problem with inductors.


10 years ago

uF and mF (or MFD, usually) are the same.

The little 'u' is abbreviation of 'micro,' as in MicroFaraDs (MFD), or like uC (micro controller.) It's actually another symbol, but it's a pain to display in many formats...

Yes and this will be absolutely true in many books. Only newer ones will display the current forms.

There are 1,000 uFs in a mF

your thinking of nano farads, mF and uF are exactly the same

Nanofarad = nF?

And doesn't MF mean megafarad, as in 1 million Farads?

mF as in mega, MF as in micro (depreciated.) You had it right the first time.

Mine, too.

mF for millifarads, not mega (MF should be megafarads...but that was the old uF, so that's not used, I think.)

Mega is way beyond milli... (1 megafarad = 1000000000 millifarad.)

Good eye, I stand corrected.

From Goodhart's link:

a 1mF cpacitor is labelled 1000uF. This is to reduce confusion between the old MF and the new mF.

I am not sure I understand the question, but it may be answered here, if you read all the way down: Capacitance:mF & uF