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does anyone know how to run a cd on a apple mac? my friend asked me i do not have a mac so i dont know what the problem is thanks


A better description of the problem would help... CDs work the same way in all computers. You put them in the CD player and the computer recognizes it for what it is, considering that the player supports the CDs format.

he says its not showing up by the way like i said i do not rearly know his problem i already knew this info just thought someon else would have known wat im talking about coz it might have happened to them

Alright. If it's not showing, follow these steps:

From the Apple Menu, select "About this Mac" and click "More Info." This will open Apple System Profiler.

If the Mac is under 5 years old, check the "Disc Burning" section. Anything there means the drive is at least appearing to the computer. If there is no Disc Burning section, look for the drive in the "ATA" section. If it also does not appear there the drive is bad and needs to be replaced.

Note: If he attempted to flash the drive and failed, it will disappear as above. It needs to be removed and reflashed from a PC running DOS or Linux.

Okay. If the drive did appear in the above tests, then pull the Apple menu and select "System Preferences…" and select the "CDs & DVDs" icon. Anything set to "Ignore", change to "Ask what to do."

It would help to know what type of CD he's trying to read. There are many formats. Almost all can be read in a Mac. The only formats I've had trouble with are Linux or VCD disks. The later can be rectified with the program VLC.

Pop the CD in -- the CD should show up on the desktop as an optical drive ;)