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mad is science Answered

awesome science trick ever .


Oh, I'll play

A match in space versus on Earth
Electrolysis of water
Plasma Globe
too tiny to tell
Capillary action
Match in pure oxygen
water vortex
Romulan Ale
A wing being attacked by silly string
nerds again
Romulan ale/triple sec shooter
fish drowned in Romulan Ale (wow you really like Romulan ale)
a skinned Aibo

> too tiny to tell
.  My first thought was that it was a homopolar motor, but a Q&D look at pics of HM's in Google Images didn't show anything that looks like it.

Is it not that trick where two matches "weld" together and one stands up because the other is shut in the matchbox drawer?

.  Very possible - at 130x130 it does look a LOT like two burnt matches. I was thinking that the silver disc on the left was a battery. Pic is too small for me to tell much of anything with any certainty.

Er... oh. They don't look trollish. I wonder why he did that?

No idea. Maybe the same reason for posting two nearly identical, and inexplicable, forum topics?

Try it and see! I know you can subscribe to yourself (and it makes a useful test of the subscription system).

I've just noticed that randofo has a patch that he sent to himself. Most amusing.

JUst like self-subscribing. For the Staff who do code development, that's a good way to test whether a new feature works or not.

Let's blame "English as a second or third language" - his profile pegs his location as the Philippines.

What is this collection of internet-pictures about/for?


Er... what?