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magnet motor or not ? Answered

Is an angle grinder motor a permanent magnet motor or not ?,



If it's mains operated probably not. Get a screwdriver, take it apart and find out. L

Indeed - ac motors tend to create their own magnetic field with an opposing coil.

do you think i can use it as a power source for a wind turbine ?

As lemonie says ....often... you need to tell the ac coil where the magnets in a dc motor would be to be a magnet for the other coil to generate electricity. i.e. you need to excite that coil with some power, in order for the other coil to see a magnetic field and extract energy from the turbine. It's complicated - but really not impossible.

(switch it off first...)

Oh cack! I hope he hasn't taken my advice and not turned it off first.


Call the local A&E;, ask if anybody has been brought in slightly singed, with a screwdriver embedded in their forehead...