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make a Kid's Indoor Jungle Gym? Answered

Hi all,

I'd love help with ideas in building an indoor jungle gym for my kids.

You can see one version here, but over $700!


Ideally, I'd like it have a ladder, trapeze, and rings. Not sure how to make it stable--- floor to ceiling?
Possible to easily assemble/ disassemble?

Thanks, Michael


I'd be tempted to bolt builders' ladders to floor / wall / ceiling at different angles in the room (use strong fixings, appropriate to the type of floor etc, and try not to hit pipes or wires).

Decent strong ropes could be strung and knotted between ladders (second-hand climbing ropes would be strong enough for kids). You could even add climbing-wall fixings to the wall.

And maybe put down padding on the floor of said room. :-) or maybe pad under the carpet.

Build a three-foot barrier in the doorway, and turn the floor into a ball pit!

ummmm, yummy... I am not germaphobic, but..... :-)

You could add an antiseptic mister...

Sounds like a plan, unless it ends up poisoning them rather then giving them diseases ;-)

In looking at that ad (link) you provided, the "apartment" model appears to be "stablized" by a tension bar on each corner, floor to ceiling.

To be honest, I wouldn't want children playing on it (swinging on bars, or on the "rings", etc.) unless the tension could be made VERY great, and even then will eventually work loose.

In "my" apt, the walls are made of the old time "hard" plaster over mesh.  Although strong, would probably crack after a bit of that kind of torture.

If the apt. is more modern, expect "plaster board";  a building material not even meant to be leaned on. 

Hooking one up in a basement, floor to ceiling, in a more permanent way (bolting it fast) would work better.

As Caitlinsdad has already said though, the gauge pipe you'd need would be expensive, and wood is bulky (when strong enough for this kind of play).

Maybe you could find a set of bunk bed frames to bolster up and add all of your extras. Going with a wood frame might be massive for an indoor thing and building out of steel pipe and fittings would get expensive. Good luck.