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make a camera circuit only charge to 200Vs? Answered

ok so i got some flash circuits from Electronic Goldmine and i have Capacitors that are 200V and was wondering if there is anyway to still use the circuits but instead of stopping at aroung 330volts at 200? just ask i can put up any info if needed



6 years ago

Usually there are a couple of resistors that decide when ( volts ) to stop.
Just add a resistor in parallel with the right one to stop at a lower volt like
190 VDC Save explosion by 10V margin

Yes on the board there is a few resistors so ur saying get a larger resistor and test it till it stops bout 190V

Here is a block diagram of a high voltage generator controlled by R1/ R2
I don't know the sense of the Op-Amp ergo the placement of the Rx over
R1 or R2.
Be aware one way it can lower other way it can raise the voltage.
You might be better off buying a 350 V capacitor. . . . . . . .  A


I think you'd have to re-wind the transformer, unless you're running on more than one AA battery.