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make a dinosaur out of recycled material (fun and easy)? Answered

Looking for ideas to make a dinosaur out of recycled material, it needs to be simple, fun, easy


DNA is essentially "recycled material", although I suspect cloning animals that have been extinct for millions of years is not  "simple, fun, easy".

From Al Yankovic's "Jurassic Park":
I recall the time they found those fossilized mosquitoes,
And before long, they were cloning DNA.
Now I'm being chased by some irate veloceraptors!
Well, believe me... this has been one lousy day!
Maybe instead of making a dinosaur, you could just make a model of one instead.  That would probably be easier.

I suggest washingproduct bottles. The plastic is really good and if you have a fat long one it's perfect for the main body. I as a student teacher have used plastich washingprodcut bottles to let my students make a bird. i also had bells, feathers, colored paper, scissors, glue, cardboard, plastic, old cd's on hand so they could nicely decorate it.

I still have my personal bird here. If you want I could take a picture for you :)

you can't go wrong with paper mache.  Use old cans, bottles, or things of that nature for detailed features.  I always thought plastic forks made good teeth.  Its recycling, the sky is the limit.

THat's where your creatitivity comes in.  You have to take what YOU have and come up with something from THAT.  What I usually do in a case like this is to google it and look at what others have done and that gets me to thinking in the right direction, then look over what I've got or can get and go from there.