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make a solar steam boiler to power a turbine ? Answered

quite recently my gand father just ditched his satelite tv service for cable and hes got a 15 foot dish. i  have been staring at it trying to figure out what i should do with it and ive decided on solar furnace to power a steam turbine. im two weeks in and im out of ideas for how to produce a sufficient supply of steam and travel it far enough to power a decent turbine. i just need some fresh ideas to run with to get my brain working again any and all thoughts brilliant and stupid are welcome


Nice Dish

What have you done so far?

You need to do what Rick and Steve suggested.

The old receiver was in the focal point of the dish.

If the mounting is missing strategically place mirrors around the dish and find the focal point by moving a plack or a piece of wood in front of the dish.


ih have the reflective film already glued on. my porblem is the is the best way to transfer that heat into my boiler coil. should i use a center core rod something like iron bar stock painted black or just go with a tightly wound coil of copper nickle brake line. its a the focal point my head goes numb ive officially got everything else.

When you have your focal point, see how big it is.

The core should be shaped like a top hat with the brim the size of the focal point, copper is better than steel silver is best but I don’t think you want to pay that much.

Wrap a single layer of copper tubing around the core and silver solder it all together and paint it flat black.

Now the hard part is the size the core should be as small as possible and yet large enough so the copper tubing doesn’t pinch when you wrap the tubing around it.

That is a ratio you are going to have to figure out for yourself.


If you could couple everthing hitting that dish into a boiler, you'd get more than 10 kW. Put a coil of copper pipe at the focus and pump water through it.

yeah but what style boiler should i use just a big canister filled with water or go for more suyrface area and use a coil of pipe that continuously filled with more water. if i went with the coil should i use something through the coil to work as a initial heat collector or will the coil do that on its own. so far i think it would be best to use the coil connected to a small water tower so i can feed in more water with gravity which would be regulated of course

You need to pump it, or the maximum steam pressure you'll get is only equal to the height of your tower. A pipe would be the best way to do it.Wind a tight coil of something like 3/8" pipe - pack the pipe you use with dry salt before you try and coil it.

Cover the dish with small squares of mirror glass.

then follow Steves suggestion.

i actually did go through a couple of ideas for reflection cds the disks inside harddrives, or even those blankets you see in med kits every now and then. i ended up buying some of that reflective sticky film from green power science. works nice but aggrivating to put the stuff on i ruined a few sections of it from ripping it up, had to patch over it

Wonder how effective sticking greenhouse mylar film on would be ?

Need to get it really flat -I guess it would work best if you vacuumed out the air behind.


You could perhaps find a sticky film, and squeegee it on wet. I don't suppose the surface is THAT accurate really.


4 years ago

The dish needs to track the big orange blob in the sky E to W and
step N or S daily depending on the season.