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make a throat mic? Answered

i want a throat mic for paint ball or anything else involving loud environment or when i need to be quiet.  the problem is they are expensive so i was wondering if anyone could help me in making one


I suggest picking up a pre-made electret microphone from Radio Shack. I use these for broadcast quality radio interviews and have had very good success.

It is powered by a small battery pack and can easily be plugged into your wireless transmitter/receiver. The element is omni-directional and will pickup sound from every angle which makes it ideal for use as a throat mic.

As a DIY'r cost usually is not the most important factor when producing a product like the one you are requesting. Bragging rights reign supreme. It might be more cost effective to purchase an inexpensive pre-made device.

It is possible to duplicate the same item using components for roughly the same cost as purchasing an inexpensive unit as well as the time invested in R&D, building a proper circuit and, of course, you will need some basic soldering skills as well as ability to duplicate an electronic schematic.

If you are still looking for a solution, I am more than happy to help you by suggesting links to circuits and enough information for you to produce this item on your own.

Also ... this suggested element can tend to be a bit noisy since it picks up roughly everything. Tactical movements, breathing, swallowing, ball hits, etc. will also be transmitted. A noise-canceling circuit is more complicated but totally possible.

You could, likely, build a very pro setup for under $75 (us) maybe less.

im game to try spinpro. don't care what it costs, just like saying, yeah, and I made it myself......

thanks the idea is actual to save some cash and so that my team mates aren't defend by my shots... my paint ball sniper rifle is about as loud as a .22 and it might not seem like much but the co2 is the but of the rifle and it rings every shot

I found several for $30 or so.  But if you want to try to build one.

On a velcro strap glue two piezo elements scarfed out of a couple of phones.  I don't know what you are trying to connect them to but you can figure that out.  Once you get it working then you can figure out how to make it look good.

Hum, why would they be better connected in series. That way the would be fighting the resistance of the other one. In parallel and in phase they would add to each other. Not saying you're wrong just not the direction I would have gone first try.