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make dried apple dolls? Answered




9 years ago

1 cup lemon juice 1 tablespoon salt Apples ( Golden Delicious) Directions 1. Peel apples and soak lemon juice and salt mixture for 45 min 2. For darker skin dolls don't soak apples. 3. Shape eyes, nose and a mouth with small knife. Careful to not go too deep to cause rotting. 4. To dry large paper clip or a heavy piece of wire and carefully run it through the middle of the apple. Bend it at the bottom, and form a little loop at the top. Or tray on a screen. Do not handle while drying. 5. Choose a place without direct sunlight. Let dry for 2-3 weeks to dry. 5 1/2. You can also dry the apples by placing in your oven with the door slightly ajar for 4-5 hours at 200 degrees, then leave them to dry on a tray or screen for several days.


10 years ago

Google : ) Heads need to be soaked in a mild acid (lemon juice) for a while to minimize discoloration/rotting while drying.