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make something using nothing but things found at the dollar store Answered

 Making something using only things that can be bought in a dollar store. Is anyone up to the challenge?


I write a column called Man Crafts at DollarStoreCrafts.com with exactly this kind of mentality. The entire site is dedicated to awesome things you can make from the Dollar Store, you should check it out.

2 brooms and a balloon, take off sweeping parts and just keep the sticks of the brooms, attach in a + shape, put balloon on top, scarecrow!

Diet coke $.99.
Pack of mentos $.49'

Dump mentos into diet coke.

Instant volcano/fountain.

Depends on what to make. There are many options to chose from if you know what to make. I might consider the challenge.


7 years ago

Dollars add up fast, 50 parts and your up to $50.00 and then there is the sales tax.

Homework assignment?

I'd suggest you start by scanning what's already on Instructables. There are a fair number of low-budget 'ibles.