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making REALLY cool light fixtures.... Answered

my mom building this HUGE house in mexico and i want to make some really cool light fixtures for my huge room... the ceilings are like 15 foot.. and theres a loft


I saw this earlier when I was looking for something else....argon lamps come in interesting shapes, and the fixture looks like little more then a few stainless steel woks with the handles removed, two metal tubes, and a glass diffuser. .

Argon Lamp idea

ive seen some really nice ones on readymade from cut glass bottles you could use coloured glass

You could get some acrylic rods and such and put together a really impressive light using "light tunnels", similar to fiber optics but on a bigger scale, the nice thing is a diffuse source means some light will hit the total internal reflection angle but the rest still does as supposed to... Maybe use fluorescent ring lights in a cool way...