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making a bridge on a sledge ? Answered

i know thats a wierd title but i have an explanation. i reckon its going to snow soon and to get to the best hill me and my freinds have to cross a frozen stream about a foot wide but 6 foot at the top of the v shape its in  we cant jump like we would any other time of year because of the sledges weight we couldnt get far enough and we`d land on the stream and get very cold. so is there any way that anyone can suggest of atatching a bridge to my sledge (a bit like the mt 72 tank principle). four main criteria are:lightweight ,removable,cheap and 3 foot long(the sledge is already three of the six foot) i have an idea but its heavy.the sledge is wooden and has an 8inch by 3 foot space underneath and is about a foot off the ground.all ideas are welcome! please help.thanks ,wood wizard.


i have limited wood can anyone suggest a design where the bit of the sledge where you sit becomes part of the walkway. also im getting two of the desgns ive thought of on my site : http://my-site-me.webs.com/


You can try this type of Trussed construction - Untried but traditional and light.

Build from 12 mm plywood - should make it strong enough.

Experiment - I stress untried.

Otherwise carry an aluminium ladder to use as a temp bridge.

Advice: If you want the picture copy it I will leave it there for 1 week - My picture library is getting full.

thanks for aswering i think ill modify your design slightly and then try it

There is a picture library limit?! uh oh!

Yep I had to delete a load of older picture answers.

Is there anything stopping you putting down some wooden planks for the season?

Its obviously a good idea but I have limited cash and no one else really knows about the hill. I'd like to keep it that way or it will become packed. So some planks of wood would let everyone know its there and I'd have to take the wood quite a distance from my house. One of the reasons I want the bridge portable is ther are also other streams in my area that we couldn't quite jump.
Thank you for answering, wood wizard