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making a mini fridge. need help!!! Answered

 well i've decided to make a mini fridge out of an old computer case but i still dont really understand how. i know i need a peltier, heat sink, and a fan. but in what order? do i need a cold plate? how do i arrange all of the units to make the inside of the case cold? i'm not too techy so please be descriptive. :)
my inspiration for this project is from this post, inventgeek.com/Projects/Minifridge/overview.aspx


You'll need some insulation or it won't be very efficient.  I believe the cold side of the pel device faces inside then a heat sink goes on the hot side of the device with a fan blowing across that to remove the excess heat.

But double check me on that because I've never used a p device.

 i am using a lot of insulation. it will really just be a pc case. the inside is going to be a fridge. insulation and everything.


8 years ago

 that plan with a pc case will be inneficient. If you are going to use peltiers, then you should look at one of the links to the right.

As for what you need, a heatsink and a peltier. The peltier works by one side getting hot, and the other getting cold. apply the cold side to the can, and the heatsink to the warm side