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making an IV training arm, any suggestions? Answered

I'm in nursing school right now and would like some extra practice practicing inserting IV's. My school as this training arm and I would like to make something in the vein :) of this http://www.enasco.com/product/LG02131U, I thought about starting with a forearm sized piece of PVC and maybe attaching some very small rubber tubes to the outside and then covering everything in a small sheet of a flexible material that could be penetrated with an IV needle. Any suggestions?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Ballistics gel! If it's good enough for the Mythbusters, it's good enough for anyone :-) It has the advantage that you can push a needle into it, get resistance like skin, and it'll self-seal behind you when you pull the needle out.

A Google search on "buy ballistics gel" shows that the professional-grade stuff is pricey ($190 for 3/4 cu. ft.). However, the first link is to a site that shows you how to mix your own, at much lower cost.

I think you could also use high-density polyurethane foam (check good outdoors or surplus stores), maybe wrapped on Saran Wrap(TM) or something to simulate skin.

I made one for school... https://www.instructables.com/id/IV-Practice-Arm/

May be useful for some ideas. It worked very well.

In my days as a first aider we practiced on oranges.

As kelsey says, ballistics gel would be perfect for the fleshy part.

For the veins, I'd recommend silicone surgical tubing (not the regular rubber stuff) in a rather small size. Covering it further with a sheet of some sort of plasticy rubber would get the desired effect.

If you fill the tube with coloured water, once you inert the syringe, you could just draw back ever so slightly on the plunger and get visual confirmation that you made it in the vein.

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