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making molded toys from silicone? Answered

Does anyone know how to 'melt'/liquify silicone.
I want to to this to Foley catheters(yellow urine tubes used in hospitals) then pour the silicone into molds of M.U.S.C.L.E men toys.
Any advice


They are not copyright protected unless the intent is for sale & even then good luck He made them of his own materials.
Sorry sorry that doesnt belong here.^

Yes I agree use exterior caulking. You can get it in lots of colors.
This site was mentioned in a previous instructable.

That would depend on jurisdiction. UK copyright law doesn't make that distinction. The copyright belongs to the designer, regardless of the intent of the user.

unfortunately s silicone doesn't melt, it just burns

So then how is it disposed of?
I can't imagine that all the hospital catheters just sit in a landfill.
There must be some way it gets re-used.

Any ideas on how it is disposed of?

They're probably put through a high temperature incinerator, since they're clinical waste.

Assuming your using an existing toy for a model then be aware that they will be opyright protected.


for you own use why not use silicone caulk?