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making moonshine more tastefull to drink? Answered

just curious if anyone knows what i could mix with it to make it more tolerable for me to drink. I'm a wuss lol


there is actually low chance of blindness from methanol in most cases you would have to drink a moonshine in wich is a quarter methanol every day for a year no one i know is blind from it and no one they know is blind for the taste add some spring water match the alcohol percentage by taste to other drinks you had add a tea spoon or glycerin, home made charcoal and a handful of oakchips. GET THIS FROM A BREW SHOP!!! The charcoal from say home depot has unhealthy additives and such. The drug stores and such have unhealthy additives. aside from that let sit for 12 hours. methanol if there is any you would know it has a very different taste from ethanol if yo experience any methanol poisoning drink 250ml of ethanol so thats about the equivalent of a 750ml bottle of..

 As Frollard said, drinking home-distilled alcohol carries a small risk of methanol poisoning, particularly if the distillation apparatus was designed by someone without years of practical experience in either whiskey-making or organic chemistry.

Ethanol and methanol are quite difficult to tell apart. The former may get you drunk, a couple teaspoons of the latter may cause blindness. If your alcohol wasn't made by an expert, you might want to just use it as fuel in your ethanol-powered vehicles.


By the way... if a nosy neighbor should happen to voice some safety concerns to your local police,  and those police decide to politely ask Instructables for the location of your computer, you might find yourself in some legal trouble.

a couple teaspoons of the latter may cause blindness

Are home brewed spirits safe to drink?

Making strong spirit alcohol in the home conjures up thoughts of moonshine with its associated dangerous levels of methanol and prompts the question “How do I know that the alcohol I am making is safe to drink?”. So we went to the UK’s leading Brewing Research Institute (BRi) for their opinion.

We asked BRi to find out exactly how much methanol was in home produced spirit alcohol made using the very simplest distillation equipment (the water still – no ‘heads’ removed) and we compared this with methanol levels found in commercial spirits, the results are shown in the table below:

TypeMethanol contentQuantity of spirit you'd have to drink (grams in 1 litre) to undergo methanol intoxicationHome made spirit0.1 grams100 Litres (133 bottles of Home Spirit)Brandy0.2 grams50 Litres (66 bottles of Brandy)Jamaican dark Rum0.1 grams100 Litres (133 bottles of Rum)Whisky0.05 grams200 Litres (266 bottles of whisky)

Add spring water

or make a mixed drink

Charcoal filter it then age in charred oak barrel for years.  Home-made wine is easier, safer, legal-er.

You are giving false information! Damn communist! Both Moonshine and home made wine are legal in the USA, however with out a license you are not aloud to sell it, license differ state to state, and you also have to go through the FDA before putting your product on the market"plus a other things"! But to make your self for personal use you need no license, and it's not illegal, some states limit the amount you are aloud to store, to keep people from selling it under the table!

from ttp.gov

Home Distilling

Congress did not include a personal use exemption for distilled spirits in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as it did for wine and beer. Possession of an unregistered still and production of distilled spirits without a Federal permit or payment of tax are illegal and implicate the following Federal offenses:

  1. 26 USC Section 5601 Violations (All of the following offenses are punishable as felonies with up to five years in prison):

    1. 5601(a)(1) – Possession of unregistered still
    2. 5601(a)(2) – Engaging in business as distiller without filing application and receiving notice of registration
    3. 5601(a)(4) – Operating as a distiller without giving required bond
    4. 5601(a)(6) – Distilling on prohibited premises
    5. 5601(a)(7) – Unlawful use of material fit for production of distilled spirits
    6. 5601(a)(8) – Unlawful production of distilled spirits
    7. 5601(a)(11) – Unlawful to purchase, receive and/or process distilled spirits, knowing or having reasonable grounds to believe that tax has not been paid on distilled spirits
    8. 5601(a)(12) – Unlawful removal or concealment of distilled spirits on which tax has not been paid

  1. 26 USC Section 5602 – Engaging in business as distiller with intent to defraud the United State of tax (5 year felony)
  2. 26 USC Section 5604(a)(1) – Any person who shall transport, possess, buy, sell, or transfer any distilled spirit unless the container bears the closure required by 5301(d). (5 year felony)
  3. 26 USC SECTION 5613 – All distilled spirits not closed, marked and branded as required shall be forfeited to the United States
  4. 26 USC Section 5615 – Property subject to forfeiture includes unregistered stills and/or distilling apparatus
  5. 26 USC Section 5615(3) – Whenever any person carries on the business of a distiller with the intent to defraud the United States of tax on distilled spirits, the personal property of that person, located in the distillery, and that person's interest in the tract of land on which the still is located shall be forfeited to the United States
  6. 26 USC Section 5686(a) – Possessing liquor or property intended to be used in violation of Chapter 51 (1 year misdemeanor)
  7. 26 USC Section 5686(b) – Liquor and/or property possessed in violation of 26 USC Section 5686(a) is subject to seizure and forfeiture
  8. 26 USC Section 7201 – Willful attempt to evade or defeat any IRC tax (5 year felony)
  9. 26 USC Section 7301 – Possession of any property subject to tax, or of raw materials and/or equipment for the production thereof, for the purpose of being sold or removed in violation of the internal revenue laws, may be seized and shall be forfeited to the United States. Any property (including aircraft, vehicles, and vessels) used to transport, or used as a container for, property subject to tax, or raw materials for the production thereof, may be seized and shall be forfeited to the united states
  10. 26 USC 7302 – Unlawful to possess any property intended for use, or which has been used, in violation of the internal revenue laws. no property rights shall exist in any such property

you can make beer and wine in most of the USA.

you just cannot distill that beer or wine

Most of the people on here are just crazy! xD I wouldn't mix it! What I do is get a cup of lemonade or pineapple juice for a chaser, I rinse my mouth out before and after I drink, also I found eating a bite of pickle or a slice of pineapple before and after really helps"Specially with your taste buds!" And make sure you blow all the air out of your mouth when you take the shot or chug a mug "like me!" I have beat the horrible effects of some moonshine that taste close to rubbing alcohol by using these tecniques!

I'm surprised that no one had mentioned that by the 3rd or 4th glass full the taste pretty much improves.

For some reason the stuff I am drinking tonight just keeps getting
stronger after every cup I pour! My tongue is about burnt off to! I
think this stuff is about 160 - 170! lol

Running your shine through twice is a good idea. I do mine right the first time and then filter it through a 10 gal. tub of white oak carcoal chips. The smaller the better ( more surface area). Any impurities will get attached to the charcoal and make the shine taste real smooth.
Good shine comes from a good recipe and still procedure.

You can use copper, aluminum, or stainless steel, it does not matter.
Methanol comes from the heat range around 152 degree's (dependig o your altitude) when you get the mash coming up to par. (173 degree's) keep your temperature steady at 173 and you will get 190 proof alcohol. If it fluxuates, you will be distilling water and alcohol off at the same time, diluting your shine and adding impurities.


I have built stills for demonstration at fairs and events legally of course. Distiling spirits requires a license and it aint cheap!.

give me an email for any questions, and I 'll talk you through any questions you have.




Just wanted to add a word of warning, and interject a correction in response to drethanols answer above.

He says "you can use copper, aluminum or stainless".

Well listen up people - DO NOT USE ALUMINUM if it's going to be used for human consumption !

Stainless and copper are the ONLY safe metals.

If you don't want to be poisoned, do some more research and you'll find this to be TRUE.


aluminum in small amounts is ok. i can go out and eat Aluminum and nothing will hapen

Mix pineapple juice,
moonshine cherries,
UV Cake,
and a bit of the moonshine cherry syrup.

Too many people freak out about methanol poisoning in moonshine. Yes methanol is bad, but no, there is NO chance of you hurting yourself with home made moonshine. You'll need to consume so much moonshine to get methanol poisoning that you'll die first of ethanol poisoning. Five gallons of wash made from any fruit juices or corn, distilled will only give you MAYBE 10 ml of methanol. You can safely consume 50 ml a day, even thought you may get a headache. Hey, even non fermented fruit juices like apple have methanol. The stories of methanol poisoning are misconceptions of actual idiots drinking denatured alcohol or wood alcohol (found in certain paint thinners). And during the prohibition this happened quite a few times. Just in case you're still skeptical, look up the treatments for methanol poisoning... lo and behold, it's ethanol consumption. Drink away my friend.

One more thing, if your moonshine tastes bad, put baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in it and leave it in a glass container in the sun a few days, then redistill it.

The crappy taste normally comes from Ethyl Acetate, a resulting compound from the reaction of vinegar and ethanol, it smells very sweet, but tastes really nasty. This will always be present in a brewed alcoholic beverage, but aging allows it to evaporate and/or convert decompose into ethanol and acetic acid (vinegar). The best way to get rid of it is what I mentioned above, also, seeing that it boils at a degree less than alcohol you'll get more in the first portion of your distilled brew. Either throw it out, or use the baking soda solution and redistill. Also the alcohol that comes out about half-way should taste much better.


8 years ago

Mix it half & half with apple juice, add a cinnamon stick, pour it into the traditional 'shine bottle (a mason jar) and refrigerate for later.

Shine made from apples is particularly nice.

If it's corn squeezin's mix with tomato juice or V8. Add a squirt of Tabasco for fun.

BTW, consuming alcohol is fun, but it toasts your brain. Hardly worth the trip.

If it's the equivalent of Ever-Clear, since it has virtually no "flavor" of its own, anything yer lil heart desires.

You'll need to experiment, since there's usually some residual flavor imparted to moonshine that can work with some additives and not work with others.

but in general, whether essential oils (of the edible variety), fruit juice, koolaid, pop (soda, or as they say in Kansas...Coke), herbs (yes, kooky as it might sound) or similar flavoring agents, pretty much anything can be used.

In other words, treat it like Vodka, which is also a relatively pure alcohol.

Put a highball glass into an empty, clean sink.
Add 3-5 ice cubes.
Fill glass 3/4 full with your favorite mixer
Pour 2 oz. of moonshine down the sink drain.
Top off glass with your favorite commercially produced liquor.


Sounds like the reverse of Mark Twain's recipe for a mint julep...

Filter out all of the alcohol.  drink the remains which is just water.  Alcohol is not a food, it is a motor fuel.  Alcohol is YEAST EXCREMENT.  Why would you want to make yeast-piss taste better??? 

First off, seriously, you need to be absolutely sure you haven't got any methanol on your hands, that'll screw you up BAD.  In fact, distilling is probably illegal in most areas and you really shouldn't be doing it at all.

Assuming you have done it right and you're not concerned about the legal and health issues, here is what I know.  A friend of mine picked up one of those little commercially made stills that looks like a gas station coffee pot.  He was distilling just about everything in sight, and he learned 4 important things about making it taste better.

1.  Filter it (I'm not sure how this is done, I think it has something to do with charcoal)
2.  Dilute it (just with plain old water)
3.  Age it (for several months or longer!)
4.  Put some charred oak chips in it (this produces a brown color and a good flavor)

After you have done these things, you can mix it with whatever you like, cola, juice, etc.  Good luck and I hope you don't die/go blind/end up in the ER!

What did you make it from, and did it distill to a nice clear liquid?
You can mask the flavour, or purify it further.


Shouldn't drink shine straight anyway - any problems in the manufacturing process and you could have poison on your hands, not good ol' clean ethanol.

That said - any mix really, pop/soda, juice, jello, or use the shine to fortify other drinks (beer/wine) etc.