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making solar boat using 4700uf capcitor to store energy to drive motor but not working Answered

making a solar boat model in which i hv designed a ckt in which i am using a 4700uf capacitor to store power but it is not capable to drive motor even for seconds when power is off pls suggest some appropriate methods to increase my storing capacity in minimum charging time
i hv also tried 10000uf cap but not working with that also
pls help


Boy, there's a lot of questions about solar boats, and I'm already helping two teams of competitors, so I don't propose to give anyone anymore information than the other two teams.

1.) How much energy are you ACTUALLY getting from your cell ? You can't store what you haven't got.

2) How much power do you thing the motor will need ? 

TEST the output under the RACE lighting conditions ANYTHING else if fooling yourself.

thanx fr ur replying sir but as i am applying 5 volt frm cell & when the power is off the ckt is not giving the storage for even seconds pls sir i will be greatly obliged if u consider our problem & give some suggestion as time is also running out fast so we hv to make it as earliest as possible

I don't understand. Please can you type a reply using all the letters for the words ? There's no charge for extra letters here.

Have you actually measured the battery voltage during charging ? What load are you putting on the capacitor ?  A capacitor holds Q (charge) = C (capacitance) x Voltage. You can use that Q in 1 second, and you have Q amps flowing, or you can use it in 10 seconds and have Q/10 amps flowing.

0.004700 F x 5V - 0.0235 Couloumbs, so ALL you can pull from this cap is 23mA for 1 second, or 2.3mA for 10 seconds.

Answer: bigger cap.

47K uF won't store "a gnat's chuff" at low voltage. Get something with more capacity.