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making webcam/monitor Answered

hello i am hoping that i can build a simple webcam or monitor with a cellphone that i've stripped down. i have the image sensor... i am just a beginner at electronics so i dont know much about it. i hope its possible to make one (i really really wanted to make one no matter what it takes) i have some other tools like the essential breadboard, capacitors, resistors, and some other stuffs thanks!



10 years ago

I have found it convenient to use color security cameras and old camcorders with USB video-to-digital adapters, and the same cameras also work with TV stuff. (I use it for webcams and PC video stuff.) But if you have a soldering iron that is sharp enough to solder the chips in your picture, let me know where I can get one and I'll think about it. I have some of that stuff laying around too.

hey i found one but i dont think its sharp enough well its at a local store and its tip is like the 0.5 type of lead in mechanical pencils its made in Japan (from my memory)

most people goto radio shack for supplies(they have soldering stuffs) but since my area doesnt have radio shack i would probably goto some other stores. by the way this cell phone that i stripped down is motorola's v303

He means that the chips in the phone would require an unusually sharp soldering tip, which would be hard to find.