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making your own gamecube games? how? Answered

I recently heard there was a way to make your own g-cube games. so, I want to test this out. here's what I want the game to do. #1, can run light shows of somekind. #2 can have a shape move arround on screen #3 be able to activate the controller's rumble pack #4 be able to hook them all together. if you have any ideas on how this is done, please tell me. ps-- I also heard you could export pc games to the cube... ~.~



10 years ago

hey you can call me bubbles> anyways I also heard you can mod your GC because I'm currently moding mine. I couldn't find the mod anywhere so im doing a "do it yourself" kind of thing. ill give you a shout when anything comes up.


11 years ago

. Found lots of stuff on emulating the GC, but I didn't notice anything on programming the GC on the first two pages of hits. . Try searching for something like . . gamecube rom burning . If it's doable, _somebody_ has a page up.