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material(wire,rope.ribbon) with tensile strength 20 lbs in air but no strength in liquid water. Answered

something strong in air (tensile) but nothing when submerged in water. thanks mark


As we often see in questions a lot depends:

Do you need a flexible material
How fast do you need it to break in water
Does it need to be rain proof but not water proof.
Does the cross sectional area matter.

I would go the paper route personally - Twisted paper if necessary to get the strength BIT this won't instantly fall apart in water.

There are numerous solids that will be quite strong in air but are water soluble.

you were the best answer, paper. That is what the device I'm trying to improve used. now i'm onto to efferdent -- alkaselzer. Next may be mag-or sodium wire????
fast break in water
humidity stable
X-section 3/8" or less
my physical chem. i remember a little but organic is nill.
manic proto type guy THANKs RICK
later mb

Gelatine, you can find it amongst home-cooking/baking-supplies.


many papers
anything with water soluble glue (spaghetti as burf mentions)
lots of ropes lose strength when wet (fibers soak it up and get fatter/less twisted/less strong)


6 years ago