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maverick (done) Answered

video here go to my home page then click on maverick final video. it's a forum topic. check it out check it out! this took around 4 months to build >:) and now I'm sad that I finished. it rely works I will have a nice video soon maverick from cedar point "ride on" the last pic is what maverick now looks like. it took two days to do that probably 6 hrs.


Your going to liquidate those poor little unsuspecting Lego people! What sort of monstrous K'nex rollercoaster-building fiend are you?!!

BTW, is the one in the red suit from the underwater scuba center kit?

OMG this is GREAT.


9 years ago

This is awesome! I would much rather look at this than most of the other knex garbage on here! I envy your skill! :D

knex garbage

depends on what you think is garbage.

garbage = guns i can tell you that without even asking bumpus.

I don't see how it wasn't being nice, he was merely expressing his opinion, and in doing that, answering your question.

but i did not have a question. and he could have said what he did in a nicer way then just calling all my hard work garbage.

"depends on what you think is garbage." That, to me, is asking what he thinks is garbage. he explained, you took offense.

i never asked for him to call my work garbage. i am just saying that i don't think my work is garbage.

so every time he makes fun om knex you just expect me to forget and move on?

I don't expect you to do anything. I'd like everyone to agree, but I'm in no position to force that myself.

thank you, im glad you understand our problem here, we have the opinion that we dont like knex guns, and he seems to have a need to enforce that his opinion is right and ours is wrong.

That said, you don't have to be so vocal about how you dislike k'nex (why do even the biggest k'nex fans misspell it?). If you didn't bring it up, he wouldn't have been offended. I'm not k'nex's biggest fan, but I know that posting that I don't like it on forums won't make it go away.

actually, im a fan of k'nex see here -

And it was actually Bumpus' opinion i was voicing, i just didnt expect such a flaming in return.

Apologies if that came across as a flaming, I'm just trying to get everyone to shut up :-P I see now that you were airing Bumpus' opinion, not your own.

Ive got no problems with you, im just trying to put the flames out. The problem still remains, that dsman, for some reason, is unable to acknowledge that someones elses opinion maybe differ from his, and is continueing to force his opinion upon bumpus, even after bumpus has said things like 'I acknowledge your hard work and such, but its kinda a petty thing to put so much work into... Opinion ' and 'Indeed we do, but its hard to make a point proven without making a scene... ' those being his latest comments, both showing that he is only trying to share his opinion, but both have been flamed? do you not agree?

i have something to say. if you (and everyone else that hates K'Nex for that matter) would just leave us be, we would not have this problem. you keep trying to blame the knexers but really, you guys started the fight. you can have your opinion but why don't you keep it to your self. you don't need to voice your opinion when ever you can. that just starts wars. we already set up categories to separate knex from everything else. your always saying not to" force my opinion" on you but what are you doing right now? and in response to your question, he is not only trying to share his opinion but instead something like "i can see you put lots of work into that, but why not make something else?" instead of "I acknowledge your hard work and such, but its kinda a petty thing to put so much work into..." they both mean the same thing essentially but one is a lot nicer. and in response to the second part, there is a way to make a point proven with out making a scene. i would first think about this though, what is more important, keeping the rules of the site or proving your point? is your point really worth making a scene over?

Obviously, at this point I am trying to make my point, if you haven't picked up on that yet... Which you obviously haven't...

Yeah, I chose not to respond to anything else, b/c clearly your not getting any of it.

no, the fact is that you keep stating your opinion. once is enough. now it is getting annoying. i stated this in the comment above but now you are forcing your opinion on us(the knexers). the same thing you told us not to do.

What? are you still here, you lost this argument about 5 or 6 comments ago, now go get on with what ever you do, and leave it be. you seem to be unable to agree to disagree.

who says i lost? i sure didn't. i am fine with disagreeing, in fact if you were to READ my comments you would see that i have said that i don't care if we disagree, but you have to stop posting you opinion, once is enough, now it is annoying.

I didn't say anywhere that you were forcing your opinions on me.

Dont you guys have school?

lucky... school for me started today, and for some of my friends, last week

hey all right all right all right if you guys wanna have a flame war start your own forum topic.

sigh *pats head* Go re-read this entire train of comments, then get back to me when you understand. Thanks for being there though, it really helped, truly.

I acknowledge your hard work and such, but its kinda a petty thing to put so much work into...

again. you bash my work. you think this is nothing to be proud of?:


you should be proud of it, but surely your capable of so much more?

Indeed he is, hes got the focus to continue to work on K'nex for hours on end using trial and error to use whats best, I just think its ridiculous to set aside so much time to something that you'll take apart and remake into something different. And DSman195276, I did not bash you alone, I did not bash anyone specifically.

hey all right all right all right if you guys wanna have a flame war start your own forum topic.

but i don't find lots of fun making things that just walk around with the motor. i made guns because i have fun making them. and anything i would make i would eventually take apart and make into something different. i also use trial and error to make just about anything. when you make something out of knex it never seems to work the first time. and on a note to everyone, you can just call me DSman, you don't need the numbers. there just there mostly to set me apart from any other DSman.

hey all right all right all right if you guys wanna have a flame war start your own forum topic.

I acknowledge your hard work and such, but its kinda a petty thing to put so much work into...


yes, we do, and ive seen you smash it enough times to be able to tell you to SHUT UP