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maverick final video Answered

mavericks final video is finely here


wow i just went to cedar point a few days ago and it would be cool if you made small cannons that would shoot blue rods or 2 blue connectors like the water part

Wow, it's really fast.

How are you launching it in the tunnel. Also check out my new coaster i'm working on called Nightmare.

we like to call it a "hydraulic cable launch" I'm gonna make an instructable for one after I finish Hydra.

How did you get the screamin serpent cars to go through the rippin rocket boosters? I NEED TO KNOW >:O

You chop off the stupid pieces of plastic that stop the car from going through. And then put some card board on the sides of your trains to make them rub on the spinning wheels.

I don't know it needs to be kinda thick so it actually touches the booster's wheels.

you have to buy nothing but knex for a whole year 1/2 to get that much if your parents don't help. I' have been collecting them since 2003

lol yeah i had to buy 3 sets just for this coaster so that like doubled my pieces.

did u use the dragster moter

Post? jk

5 *s and did u use the dragster motor

not for the lift or launch I just built a dragster with it are you gonna take it back next time you come or was that permanent trade.


!!! of those cuts it quite well or maybe you loved it so much tat your hand fell asleep on the button. thanks anyway.