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maybe a little help? Answered

was wondering if anyone her would take a look at my instructable and give me a little advice or thoughts on how I did. I don't really know much about woodworking and just kind of did whatever seemed right. I really have no idea if there is easier ways to do the same thing, or maybe even a tip or trick would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Look for a club near you , most woodcarvers will be happy to show you what works best for them ...it may not be the best for you but it is a way to learn ...I just started using dremel/fordem and I find myself going back to my knives even with the small hand piece It do look like you are off to a good start if you did a relief carving that small with power tools

good suggestions, thanks. The set of wood tools that I have is kinda cheap, and I had some issues because they aren't super sharp. I use my dremel for all sorts of stuff around the house so it just seemed natural to use it here. Thanks again.

Nice work... Are they pine/soft wood? If so, I have tryed this and cracked 2 of them before I got one. so I appreciate the work that went into them...... Maybe try your hand at some nice hardwood... harder obviously to carve into, but will hold together better and you'll be able to take the sides thinner... You have talent, keep it up!

I don't know enough about wood to say what they are, they are pretty soft I guess, again I haven't been around that much wood to know what to compare it to though. Any suggestions for a hardwood that is good to work with? Thanks I'm really enjoying this, and will probably keep working at it.